Sweedy's Staff Application


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Apr 8, 2021
Username: Sweedy

Minecraft Username: 1_SpeedyDemon

Age: 17

Timezone: CEST

What is your Discord?: Sweedy#7055

How much time are you able to contribute to ThePrizRealm?: At least 3 evenings a week, most of the time, maybe some weekends.

Have you ever been punished on a server before? If so, please provide details: No, only kicked

Are you able to record videos? And at a reasonable quality?: Yes, OBS

Do you have a working Microphone?: Yes

Have you applied before? If so, how many and what's the date of your last one?: No

What position are you applying for?: Admin

Do you have a resume?: No

What are your previous experiences, why are you applying and what would make you a good applicant? That I can recall I've never had a position on another Minecraft server like helper or Admin etc, but I've always been there to help whenever I can.
I am applying for these positions partly because I've repeatedly been asked by Waffs to apply, but mostly because I always want to help people, in any way possible.

Is there anything else we should know?: I have been in multiple past and present board positions, both in my school and now in the Scout organization I am in. In my school, I had first the position of a board member, and then as the chairman of the board.
I've also taken courses to become and am a certified safety representative.

Let's say that you've punished someone on the server and they start calling you abusive, their friends start spamming you everywhere telling you to remove their punishment, what do you do?: I take it up with the owner and after an answer, I will do either exactly what the owner said, or decide on my own, either way, I will not act on removing a punishment without the owners' approval. Firstly I will turn the player to the appeal option.

You've just seen another staff member abusing their permissions, what do you do?: Firstly try and talk some sense into them, and have them revert what they did, if possible, otherwise report to the owner.

You're on the server at a very busy time, questions are getting thrown at you from multiple players and there are a few players notifying you about a hacker, how do you react?: Depending on what the questions are about, I will either try and get other staff members' attention or put the questions to the side and investigate that hacker claims, or try and multitask, check out the hacker at the same time as I answer questions.

You get asked a question on a discord ticket or you've been asked a question in-game which you don't know the answer to, what do you do?: I will either try and find the answer myself, or take help from someone else in the staff team, or friends that I know have the answer.

Confirm that you have read all server rules and that you agree to them: Yes


Feb 28, 2021
Hey Sweedy,

Thank you for showing interest in ThePrizRealm and our Staff Team. Your application will be under review shortly.
If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a DM.


Best regards and good luck!

- FreeWaffle
ThePrizRealm Administrator
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