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Feb 18, 2021
Application Writing Guide

Hey, are you interested in applying for staff? That's awesome!

However, before you write your application we highly suggest you go through this thread as it has a few tips
that we have come up with to help you with writing it.
If you have any general questions please do go through our
FAQ before asking anyone!

Our staff is expected to be online, reading chat, dealing with reports and also helping players with any
issues they might have to offer the best server experience.


What is expected in an application?
Your application is a chance to show us why you are suited for being staff on our server, this is a great opportunity you have
to show us any relevant experience which you have. Applications that are great to read are those which show personality, flair
and those that can clearly show that would excel in the role.

One of the main components of a great application is presentation, it matters a lot. Few things you can
follow to make sure your application looks well presented are:

• Stick to the white text-only as excessive colour makes it hard to read
• Try not to use excessive bolding as we prefer to keep that for questions
• Try to limit the use of emojis as it becomes very messy when it's 50% emoticons
• Be sure to check the spellings and grammar on your application, it's understandable that English isn't
everyone's first language but please try to make sure that your sentences make sense.

These are just a few tips on how to structure your application, if you want to get more creative with art, etc... you are welcome to do so!

It's important to understand that only from what you put in your application does the reader have to learn about you. If you make statements
such as "I am this," "I did this..." or discuss previous positions, make sure you follow them with a clarification. To demonstrate that
you have acquired these skills, provide some examples, explain why your experiences prove that you are right for the role of Helper.

Do use common sense, this does not mean that you have to detail every single thing such as name, timezone and such.

Being Unique
Make sure to be unique while making your application, Many applications have been made on ThePrizRealm before and there has been a
lot of similar content. If you have any skills, traits and experiences that make you unique we want you to make sure that those are
reflected in your application. Read through your application and see if it fits anyone else's, if it does, then consider changing it.
If anyone feels as if they want to add anything or add their own questions/additional information, we have a question in our
form exactly for that, add anything you may wish to let us know there, feel free to be as creative as you want in your application.

When applying for staff, you need to make sure that you are represented in the best way possible, which means that you need to avoid writing
things which are just to sound good and things which we just want to hear, it's very obvious when that happens, you shouldn't focus too much on
trying to say the right thing, instead, you should try and focus on your passion for being staff.

Avoid hiding any infractions, we do a background check on everyone and if you lie on your application it will lead to an instant denial.
We don't deny you if you have any past punishments if you can show us that you have since matured.
(Please note that if you are currently punished on any server we will reject your application)​


Feb 18, 2021

This aims to answer a few basic questions which you might have about applying.
If you feel as if this doesn't include the question which you have, you can always make a ticket on our discord or make
a support thread in the "Community Help" section.
Note: Any help received in Community help might not be fully true, do not completely trust any answer
unless a Staff Member has given it.
Also Note: Any correspondence about applications is handled on the Forum or on a Ticket on Discord. We will
not respond to any queries about your application on the Discord General Chat or the Minecraft Server.


What are the requirements?

These are a few things you need in order to apply for staff. No exceptions can be made:

1. You must be aged 14, or older.
2. You need to have access to Discord, and a working microphone.
3. You must be on our Discord server, this is because all communications take place here
4. You must be able to record and upload videos to YouTube
5. You should be able to take and upload screenshots
6. You must have decent past staff experience (Banning hackers, muting/kicking..etc)

Things that can help
These are things that could help to become a staff member, however, they are optional

• Be active on the server, reporting rule breakers, and helping others.
• Be highly active in-game, testing the server, more than the average player
• Get to know the staff and be well known with the players, it's easier to hire a friend than a complete stranger
• Be active on our discord server
• Be aged 16 or older

How do I apply?
Step 1
: Click "Apply for Staff" HERE
Step 2: Fill in the application form with your responses
Step 3: Submit your application, if successful you will receive a response under your thread

What are the duties of a Helper?
Helpers are expected to support players in basic queries and perform basic chat-based moderation.
Helpers form the front line of player support, they ensure that players are keeping to guidelines on the network.

Desired Abilities:
• Good communication and team working skills
• Good knowledge of the Network, server rules and ways of reporting
• Patience and ability to remain calm in challenging situations
• Ability to multitask
• Ability to adapt quickly in a fast-paced environment

What are the duties of an Administrator?
Admins work closely with server management, they handle server related things and help in activities
which involve backend server work such as threads, information, events and server development.

Desired Abilities:
• Experience using Forum Software
• Strong Communication and Team working skills
• Experience working with configurations
• Ability to debug server issues
• Having a creative mind

What should I consider before applying?
These are a few tips and useful things you should consider before applying:

• Ensure that you have read through the Guide / FAQ
• Go through your strengths and see how many of those match up with the desired abilities above
• How much experience have you had? Have you explained that well enough?
• Ask whether you have the availability to be actively engaged with the role.

How long does it take to get a response? What happens after I post an Application?
After you have posted your application, our Administration team will review it.
It will usually take a few hours to a few days depending on the availability of the staff and the volume of Applications
These are the steps that take place during you post an application:

Step 1: Application stage
In this stage, you will go through to becoming a Helper or a Trial-Admin.
Before applying for staff you must fit all the requirements above, then you can make your staff application to be reviewed.
If you are deemed not acceptable to be staff on ThePrizRealm, your application will be denied and a reason will be provided.
Each application will be reviewed and responded to unless there's a large amount of them, in which case the denied applications
will be responded to at the last. If you have been accepted you will move on to the next step.

Step 2: Interview Stage

During this stage, you will be expected to contact the owner to setup a time for the verbal interview.
You will be expected to answer a series of questions immediately. This is so that we know how well you can answer questions in
the heat of the moment rather than taking all the time you need to write the perfect answer in an application.
This way we know if you can think calmly and clearly to answer the questions at the moment just like you will have to in-game
while making decisions such as how/when to punish a player breaking rules. If you fail in this stage you will be told so and allowed
to reapply again in two weeks.

Step 3: Trial Stage & Acceptance
During this stage, you will become a Trial-Admin or Helper on ThePrizRealm. You are expected to help players and help
with player reports, moderate the chat and help with server development. You are
expected to record all evidence of hackers during this time and properly report to full-time staff/Moderators.
Reaching too many false-punishments during this stage and you will fail which will result in a demotion.
You will be allowed to reapply again in two weeks. During this stage, it is very important to remain active, get to
know the community better, and do your job well! If you do well enough and have very little to no false punishments
then you will become an Admin. If you play long and help a lot you will also be promoted to Moderator.

If I apply and do not receive a response, or get denied, when can I reapply?
If you do not receive a response within a week then unfortunately it might mean that you have been denied. This
would rarely occur in instances where we have a high volume of applications. You are permitted to reapply 2 weeks after you
posted your latest application, we cannot guarantee that you will be successful.
(If you apply before the two weeks have been up you will be instantly denied and made to wait for another 2 weeks)

How much "personal detail" am I meant to include in my application?
Anything written in your application is completely up to you, we would never want to force a player into telling us something
that they aren't comfortable sharing. By personal we don't mean your real name, or real contact details(Which you should not give
unless we specifically ask for it). What we mean is something such as "I have been staff on X server" or "I have been the class president"
tell us what that means to you. Tell us what you learnt from that experience, what skills you acquired which you think would be useful
in a role as Admin or Helper on ThePrizRealm. Tell us what difficulties you might have faced and how you dealt with them and overcame them. We mainly want to know why you write the things you do, we don't want players sharing something in their application and not telling us why that's important for us to know. Why does that show that you would make a good staff member?

Additional Notes
Here are some things you should also know before applying:

• You are still able to play games on the Network, you do have to mainly focus on moderation, but you have to find a medium
between playing games and moderating.
• Your application must be your work, don't copy others, be unique!
• Don't apply if you don't think you might be busy or you will lose interest soon after, it's nearly impossible to rejoin the team
if you've left.
• We've locked this thread as we feel as if this answers most questions you might have, if you feel as if there's a question
which we don't have you are welcome to create a ticket on our Discord to ask it!​
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