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Website is Open!

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Hello everyone, our website is finally open!


Join our Staff Team
Be sure to apply for staff to help out on our server!
You can apply by going
Be sure to read through for Guide and FAQ!

Join our Beta Team
Join the server pre-release to test out new features and help us making the server bug-free!
You can apply by going HERE

Guide Staff Writing Guide & FAQ

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Application Writing Guide

Hey, are you interested in applying for staff? That's awesome!

However, before you write your application we highly suggest you go through this thread as it has a few tips
that we have come up with to help you with writing it.
If you have any general questions please do go through our
FAQ before asking anyone!

Our staff is expected to be online, reading chat, dealing with reports and also helping players with any
issues they might have to offer the best server experience.


What is expected in an application?
Your application is a chance to show us why you are suited for being staff on our server, this is a great opportunity you have
to show us any relevant experience which you have. Applications that are great...​

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